5 Ways To Keep Sane During Insane Times

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Everyday I wake up, turn on my TV and laptop, and start browsing through the news. I scroll through Facebook and Twitter, catching up on what the social justice leaders I follow have to say. Each day, it gets worse. Each day, I'm in awe that this is reality.

Between bans on Muslims, press briefings about lies being called alternative facts, daily accusations of fake news, a white supremacist being placed on the National Security Council, insults to federal judges, insults to Australia, threats to Mexico, vague threats to Iran, China now peacocking about nuclear war....it seems to be never ending. There's so much it's almost impossible to keep up with it all. This is reality? This is real life?

Even if you don't meet the criteria that I do with having a chronic pain condition as well as big struggles with mental health, even the most sane person could just look around and feel hopeless.

So how do you stay sane during insane times?

Here are the top five ways I keep from losing my mind:

1. Give myself limits to watching the news. Take a day off if necessary.
It's easy to lose track of yourself if you stay enveloped in the daily drama. As scary as it is, turn off the TV. Close the computer. Put the phone down. Pick something different to do. Read a book, watch a relaxing movie. But disconnect from the source of the stress, even if just long enough to regroup. 

2. State my opinion LOUDLY.

It makes me feel SO MUCH BETTER tweeting to representatives, including Frump, with my opinion on whatever topic is being discussed. (My feed is now at the top of my blog, but do follow @ClaireInRVA to see my daily antics.) Calling my representatives, sending emails, signing petitions. These are active things I can do to make my voice heard, without worry about being able to get out and physically protest. I protest with my words until I can handle a protest with my body. 

3. Make an action plan for local support.

Contact soup kitchens, find charity events that support organizations you support, pass out blankets to the homeless in your community, volunteer with a refugee support organization, volunteer anywhere you can! Even if it takes a while to actually put the action plan into motion, making a plan will keep your focus on something positive you can do within your local community to help make it a better place.

4. Make a plan for DAILY self care.

I make a self care plan EVERY DAY. How much self care will vary depending on the day and need, but each and every day I make a self care plan. Take a bubble bath, color a picture, watch a favorite movie, cook a new recipe, snuggle with my puppies. Each and every day I have to take some time of the day for myself and only myself. This isn't selfish, it's necessary. You can't serve from an empty vessel. 

5. Find ways to LAUGH.

I watch Trevor Noah, SNL, and make sure to throw in a few "tiny hands" digs when tweeting to Frump. A dear friend of mine joked about ways to make ourselves useful when the Chinese invade. As disturbing as this level of humor is, it helps. Tremendously. Maybe the tiny hands orangutan jokes aren't what gets you going, but find something to bring you joy and humor to help lift your spirits and keep you sane. :)  

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