Weekly Roundup ~ 10/15/16

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This has been a pretty good week overall. I feel like I've been getting my productivity groove back and despite mostly "okay" days health wise, I feel like I got a lot accomplished regardless.

So here's a snapshot of my week! :)

Dating: Boyfriend bought me an adorable new stuffie dubbed "Puff" because he is a big green dragon to celebrate our 9 months of dating. I am trying to learn how to communicate my feelings better, but I feel like I made some progress in that area this week. Overall, still on cloud 9 with my favorite guy and couldn't imagine loving him any more. :) (Though fairly sure I'll have a hefty punishment heading my way if he sees the sleeping pic! Haha!)

Fur-Baby: Poor Jaxson is struggling with skin issues. He has a grass allergy and my yard has a major flea problem. Despite consistent treatment and products, my big baby has been biting and scratching like crazy. He got a bath this week which made him pretty unhappy with Mama. "Step Daddy" (boyfriend) suggested adding kelp meal to his food, so hoping we will see some progress soon! My good friend Sophia brought him a ginormous pork bone from the restaurant she works at which kept him busy for hours! Didn't stop him from the "poor sad dog" faces when she ordered food though. Hehe.

My Health: As I said above, I had mostly "okay" days this week. I define an "okay" day as a day that I am still in a pretty high level of pain, but it is not interfering with my ability to be ambulatory or mostly get around. I had 1 good day, which is the day I got most of the stuff done around the house that needed to be done- so I'm psyched about that! Only had two bad days, and one was only a bad day because the high pain was coupled with a massive headache which kept me mostly immobile. The opiate I take for pain is giving me some crazy side effects I have to talk to my doctor about. I take a SUPER low amount unless I am having a bad day, but I get the "itchies" like crazy and since I already have sensitive skin, something needs to be done. Boyfriend suggested Benadryl, but since that will knock me out completely, going to give it a shot as a treatment at night only. The other crazy side effect is the increased headaches and the bouts of insomnia. Now, not certain whether those are coming from the opiate or one of the other meds I'm on, but they are notable enough that they will also be brought up to my doctor. No appointments this week, but will probably be making up for it next week.

Things Keeping My Interest: The political poo storm of the multiple scandals this week have been keeping a lot of my attention. I've also been spending a lot of time reading and watching Pokemon Go training videos to improve my techniques. (#TeamMystic) I organized my Magic the Gathering cards and built a pretty sweet Merfolk deck for boyfriend, which he was really happy with. I watched the "Hotel" season of American Horror Story which made me quite the happy Princess. I just started reading "Stardust" and hope to have it finished with a review up soon. :)

New Stuff: Got some new floor cleaner that I haven't tried out yet, but plan to test out today. Its the Method brand almond oil mopping liquid. It smells delish and hoping it will shine up my old hardwood floors. :)

Food and Weight Loss: This week I've actually gone down a lot on the scale and I'm blaming it on the meds. My appetite has been really hit and miss and I'm growing increasingly concerned about potential metabolic damage. According to the scale I have gone down 15 pounds but I imagine that is going to yo yo a bit until I get my meds right. Not including the 15 pound loss I am at 138 pounds lost in two years. My food obsession this week has been zucchini. I've had zucchini tacos, broiled zucchini, zucchini with pasta....lots of zucchini this week. Hehe.

Memory of the Week: While laying in bed with Boyfriend Monday night thinking it was almost time for bed, he popped up and asked if I wanted to play Magic, which led to a 90 minute Magic duel complete with laughing and shameless competitiveness. Was just a really fun time and definitely my "memory of the week".

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