Review of "Kink" Documentary

by - 4:48 PM

Whips. Chains. Screaming. Dungeons.

Sounds like something from a horror movie, no?

To the folks who work for Kink Studios, it's a typical day at the office.

"Kink", the documentary by Christina Voros and James Franco, delves into pornography from a different perspective than the typical social documentary might.

Kink Studios specialize in just what the name suggests- kink porn.

While one not well informed of the kinky lifestyle may assume this is a male dominated. anti-woman, perhaps even abusive segment of the pornography industry. Well, that person would be wrong.

Kink shows both men and women in submissive roles, and it shows the power in which those in the submissive (meaning the ones being hit, whipped, etc.) role hold in this field. An interview with one actress talked about how empowered she felt to know that she was in full control of the scene and had the ability to start and stop the scene as she needed to.

I think regardless of your opinion on kinky activities or even of pornography, you should check this one out. I found it enlightening, informative, and a refreshing take on an industry that is notorious for exploiting women.

"Kink" is on netflix. :)

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