Upcoming Cannabis Events

by - 4:08 PM

Here are some of the upcoming cannabis events in DC (and a few in surrounding areas).

This is an evolving and updating list. If you know of an event that isn't listed, please email me (or tag Claire in RVA on facebook) the details so I can get it added to the list! :)

April 1st,Cannabis Campaign School
               Washington Interns Gone Bad Screening
April 2nd, Reschedule 420 Protest
                  Cake and Ice Cream Party
April 3rd, Protest for Cannabis Legalization
April 7th, Women Grow DC
April 9th, Beginners Grow Class
April 12th, Mid-Atlantic Quarterly Cannabis Caucus
April 16th, East Coast Grow Launch Party
April 20th, Cannijuana Friends March
                  Indoor 420 Stoner Fest
April 23rd, National Cannabis Festival

May 10th, Secret Cup Awards Ceremony
May 12th, 6th Annual Cannabis Industry Lobby Days
May 28th, DC Grower's Cup

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