Being Thankful

by - 10:37 AM

I don't normally post personal things here, short of my loud opinion. :)

But I just wanted to say that today was/is hard. Exceptionally hard.

I am not comfortable giving an update as to why that is just yet.

Just know, today had the potential to be pure and total hell for me.

My plan today included tissues, dark chocolate, home movies, and lots of crying.

Yet somehow, in a moment where I was really grasping for straws and losing hope, somebody took the time to care and reach out.

Something that would probably be a small act of kindness to many changed my entire outlook on today.

So, today, I am grateful.

I am grateful that I'm alive.

I am grateful that I am healthy.

I am grateful that I have a roof over my head.

I am grateful that I have food to eat.

I am grateful that I am in the career of my dreams.

I am grateful for every positive moment in my life.

I am also grateful for every negative, because it made me who I am now.

I am not okay. I probably won't be "okay" for a long time.

But today, I am grateful.

As always, leave me some comment love. 

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  1. I'm so glad that an act of kindness was able to change your whole outlook on the day! People underestimate the power of kindness. xo