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Collaborated review with Sandi from Naughty Book Girl

Landslide is the story of a wealthy senator named Maxwell and his affair with 19 year old Kenzie. 

So, I'm just going to jump straight to the point- I am normally uncomfortable reading age play (not because there's anything wrong with it, because typically the writing style around it bothers me greatly). For whatever reason, though, NJ Cole wrote it in such a way that once I got over the initial discomfort- I was totally into it!

If you want erotic romance heavy on the erotic, this one is it. Her erotic scenes are out of this world amazing. Any book that has me blowing out air and fanning myself gets bonus points just on that factor alone. 

As with many stories, what began as a no-strings-attached affair slowly began to develop into more. I will say that the story progresses very well (until the end, but I'm getting there) and I was definitely (in a horrified way) rooting for Kenzie and Maxwell. 

Any time a story takes an alpha male and domesticates him, that's right up my alley. 
(Ahem, not like I wrote a book like that or anything.)

My issues came toward the end. 

>>>>Stop reading now if you don't want spoilers.<<<<
Okay, once Tiffany threatened to "out" them and he was so quick to drop Kenzie and agree to Tiffany's demands, I got pissed. I *hate* forced angst with a passion and I hate hate hate any couple willing to just throw in the towel the second that shit gets hard. 

As expected, he ended up making the right decision in the end, but it happened rather abruptly. I'm a sucker for a good HEA, especially an HEA where you see what happens AFTER the HEA. 

Overall, despite making me seriously question my opinions on limits and having a not as stellar as it could have been ending, I really enjoyed this one. 

Overall rating: 3.5 stars

Filth Factor: 5 stars

Re-read factor: 3 stars

HEA: 2.5 stars

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