Weekly Roundup {8/9-8/15}

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Sorry this is a day late! We had a long, relaxing weekend and I just forgot to hit publish on this bad boy! :) 

Here's what I've been up to this week:

Writing-  I got some really good headway on Surviving the Aftershock! Here's my teaser pic from what I was working on. :)

Reading- Didn't read one single page. I've decided to put down City of Bones because I have three books in my Kindle I am cracking open TODAY. (The new Indebted installment by Pepper Winters, Tyrant by TM Frazier, and the newest Hades Hangmen installment by Tillie Cole) No offense to Cassandra Clare, but those bitches take priority. Ha! 

Weight Loss-  It's girly time week so no weigh in this week. :) 

Gaming- The only things I played this week were Destiny and Battlefield 4, and both were just casually with friends. (Feel free to add me on Xbox!)

Music-  Listened to my Discover Weekly list and my "starred" songs this week. Song of the week is "Like I'm gonna lose you" by Megan Trainor and John Legend. (Check me out on Spotify to see my playlists!)

News/CausesNo, Mr. Trump, you aren't Batman, you are a misogynistic asshole with a God complex. This Batman's death is a tragedy in every sense of the word. I hope we can come up with a solution for the California drought soon. :(  

What I'm Wearing-  I tried to amp up the cuteness factor this week while still keeping it totally casual. One day I went with a cute lilac top with a peter pan collar and corded leggings and another day I wore a really fun textured shirt with (of course) leggings. Tried to use a lot of cute jewelry this week too. :)

Beauty- Second week I've gone sans makeup (as you can see in the picture!). Until I get this PCOS under control, which it usually will give me a crazy hormone flare up for about a month or so, I really don't want to put anything but cleanser or treatment on my skin. Scent wise I've been using VS Bombshell. A classic but still great-smelling scent. :) The pedicure from Cali is at the end of it's rope, and I'll be getting a fresh one this coming week. :)

What I'm watching- Mister and I continued watching Master's of Sex, I delved into season 7 of Mad Men, and we watched Mad Max. All good, good, good. (I'm going to review Mad Max.) 

Mommyhood- The oldest tiny human has been on a mission of finding reasons to get out of bed when it is well past bedtime. "I need water!" "I need Mickey!" and her latest and my favorite "But Moooom! I just need a HUG!!!". Touche, tiny one, touche. 

Self Awareness- It's okay to say no. That's what I'm learning/working on this week. I have a really bad tendency to just say yes to everyone, without considering how it's going to affect me and my schedule with the tiny humans. So, it's okay to say no. That's my mantra. 

That's it for this week, folks!

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