Saturdays in RVA: SOTJ Market, Market Haul, and RAIN!

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The husband and I loaded up the crew with plans of a full day of fun!

We started our morning at SOTJ Market, which is our usual Saturday morning activity. 

I wrote more about the market here.

I really loved the peaches we got last week, but opted to try them from a new farm today. 

Granola! This granola is sort of sweet and salty all at once and for $5 a bag, is totally worth it! They also sold handmade soap, which the mister was all about.

My normal jewelry girl wasn't there today, so I stopped by this booth. She has beautiful products and I will definitely visit her again! :)

Then came the rain. :-/ 

We had planned to go to Pocahontas State Park after the kiddos nap, but that was pretty much knocked out when the rain started. Go away rain! :(

We ended up eating in the car. Again, I got tacos from Boka. The husband and tiny humans had hot dogs. Sure, I could have gotten something different from one of the dozen food trucks at the market today, but....tacos. #DontJudgeMe

Here's my haul from today.

Kale, peaches, okra, tomatoes, potatoes, and zucchini make up today's produce finds. 

Beef and venison jerky. Yum!

Granola and that amazing peanut butter that I talked about last week. This week we got the banana honey again (the kids cleared through that jar) and wedding pretzel crunch. All the nomnoms.

The handmade soap Jeremy picked out. *insert eye roll*

This is that gorgeous necklace I picked up. $14? Yes please! 

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  1. What a fun day!!!
    Such pretty produce!

  2. What great finds! I so wish we had a farmers market near me!
    Cynthia @craftoflaughter

  3. How fun!! I love going to farmers markets, just often forget to do so! Those tacos look delish!

  4. Apart from the rain sounds like it was a nice saturday spent with family and that necklace is lovely

  5. wow great price, for such a beautiful necklace.