Saturdays in RVA: SOTJ Market, Burger Bach, and Ellwoods

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We started our Saturday like usual and went to SOTJ farmer's market. 

Stopped by Red Lintu's booth again and got some better pictures of her work. 

The mister was a little over generous in my jewelry habit today. :) 
{See haul below}

After we were done at the market, we went to Burger Bach. 

It's in the same parking lot as Ellwood Thompson's in Carytown. 

Jeremy got this root beer and fell in love. <3

We started with fries that are hand cut and served with from-scratch dipping sauces made in store. 
(Dude they make their own ketchup and mayo, how sweet is that?)

Yummy burgers! I didn't photograph our whole table's order but just wanted to show mine and the husband's as well as one of the tiny human's. They were really great about splitting the meals in half for the tiny ones since they don't have kid's meals. 

Each burger is made from local grass fed beef ground fresh in store, with a homemade bun, local and organic produce, and more of those yummy from scratch (and organic) sauces. They are served with small mixed green salads tossed in a simple lemon vinaigrette. 

Just look at that cheesy beefy goodness. 

5/5 stars hands down. :)

Here's my haul from the market today. We got granola (they weren't lying when they called it the world's best granola- it is.), some more nut butter, some venison jerky, bread, my jewelry, and hubby got some soap. Produce wise, we had a lot still in the fridge from last week and some that Jeremy got at work this week, so we only got a spaghetti squash and some corn.  

We got white chocolate macadamia peanut butter and cashew nilla cashew butter. Yum!

My jewelry haul! I got this gorgeous compass necklace, clock earrings, and a lock bracelet. 

So gorgeous! 

We stopped buying store bought bread several months ago (I'm going to write a post about this next week), and I was happy to see our bakery with a stand. We picked up a loaf of english muffin bread and banana bread. 

This is my haul from Ellwood's. It's all really random stuff. Haha. Two gallons of organic, local milk (1% for me and Jeremy, whole for the tiny humans), some cold-pressed orange juice, shredded red cabbage, shredded carrots, sliced cheese, shredded cheese, cream cheese, butter, local eggs, ketchup, BBQ sauce, strawberries, salsa, corn chips (those Frontera brand corn chips are the folks!), some chicken jerky, and ramen. Like I said, lots of random stuff. All tasty, organic, and lots of local, but still random. 

That's all for today, folks! 

As always, leave me some comment love! 

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