Saturdays in RVA: SOTJ Farmer's Market

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In my neck of RVA (southside), we have the BEST Saturday Farmer's Market. 
(Don't hate, Carytown Market, it just is better. Sorry. Not Sorry.)

The South of the James Farmer's Market (commonly just referred to as SOTJ) is run by Grow RVA and is directly next to the Forest Hill Park. It runs year round on Saturdays from 8am-12pm during the Summer months and 9am-12pm during the Winter hours. 

It is kid friendly, pet friendly, and seriously my favorite Saturday activity in town. :)

Here's what we did today. 

It was hot today, so the first stop we made was to the lemonade guys. You will find them by the big banner. Fresh squeezed lemonade for $3 a cup? Yes please! :)

The next stop was to this amazing jeweler that I may be a little obsessed in love in strong like with.
Her work is quirky, but classy and beautiful. I bought a gorgeous gothic cross necklace from her a few weeks ago, and bought the COOLEST pocket watch necklace from her today! It has what appears to be a mandala on the front, and reminds me of the cover of When Faults Collide, so it was an easy sale! It was $25 but since I was a return customer, she sold it for $20. Seriously, you can't beat her originality or her prices. Here's links so you can check her out online and support her. Check it out!

Next we stopped by this little jewel of a stand. You guys, whatever conceptions you have about peanut butter, throw that mess right out the window. This peanut butter and cashew butter will absolutely blow your mind. We bought the three pictured above but I swear I wanted to buy them all. SO DELICIOUS. The prices were extremely reasonable and it's locally made. You can't beat it!

The husband found this gem while hurriedly trying to buy the kiddos a snack.
 (SOMEONE..ahem Jeremy...forgot the snacks!)
This little Irish bakery had traditional Irish baked goods and is delish! 

We do the majority of our shopping at Ellwood Thompsons (which there will be a post about next week) and so I've bought this delicious cheese there. Last time I sent the husband to pick some up, however, they were OUT of my sundried tomato chevre! I about DIED! (Though they had the peppercorn and that was the bomb!) So, I was SUPER excited when I saw their stand today! If you live in RVA, either go to Ellwoods and pick up some of this delicious goat cheese spread or stop by SOTJ and pick some up. You can thank me later. ;)

I stopped by the stand for Drumheller's orchard and picked up a half peck of peaches. YES PLEASE! :)
I picked up some okra, roma tomatoes, green beans, and eggplant from various farm vendors. 

Last stop of the day was to a food truck. 
(There are a ton of them at SOTJ, the hard part is deciding which one to enjoy!) 
We decided on Boka, locally famous for their tacos.
All the nomnoms for this bad boy! I ordered the chicken tacos "american style" which had chicken, napa cabbage, carmelized onions, barbecue sauce, sweet and smoky aoli, and cilantro (but I picked off the cilantro- ew nasty!). They were out of this world delicious!!!

That's all for today folks! 

Have you ever been to SOTJ? If not, what Farmer's Markets do you like?

As always, leave me some comment love! :)

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