Saturdays in RVA: Market & Jewelry Haul, Bellytimber Tavern, & MY NEW STUDIO!!

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Started our day at SOTJ Market (as usual) and picked up a bunch of fun stuff! :)  

I got this really cool necklace from Red Lintu! Isn't the little diver precious? 

I picked up this cool tank, necklace, and earrings from New Normal, which is a brand that is locally owned and made. I'm going to go to their brick and mortar shop and get some better pictures and an interview, so I won't give too much details today. Definitely check them out online though! :)

I found her! She was hiding but I found my jewelry girl! (Aka Ma's Madhouse of Adornment) Jeremy got the OM necklace, I got the robot necklace and leaf earrings, and the 3 smaller earrings we got for being good and regular customers. :) 
(There may or may not be a giveaway coming up with those darling Saturn earrings!) 

We got this fantastic GMO free, natural, and humanely raised pork and lamb sausage and frankfurters. Seriously, delish. Check out this brand- Sausage Craft. :)

We picked up this delicious parmesan oregano bread to go with our dinner this evening. :)

We picked up these spice blends from Village Garden that are made to be blended with olive oil for dipping bread. :) 

This is the produce haul from today. Tomatoes, gala apples, and peaches. 

Jeremy picked up this kombucha. Not gonna lie- it's not my thing. But more power to him! :)

After we went to the market, we headed to Bellytimber for lunch. It's on the corner of Main and Plum in the Fan and is AMAZING!

The decor is rustic and quirky and fun. 

The tiny humans were not with us today, it was just me and the husband. :)

We started with side salads. Homemade croutons? Yes please! 

Now this bad boy right here is worth the drive. Introducing the Duck Pie. A wood fired pizza with a hoisin base, duck confit, and red onions. It also came with cilantro but I said no thank you to that. You guys, I felt like I was in pizza heaven. The photo makes it look large but it's only a 12 inch pizza. It took literally every ounce of willpower that I have to stop at two pieces. EVERY OUNCE!

Jeremy got a beefalo burger. Basically, half beef, half buffalo. Yeah- it was awesome. If you are in the Fan and want some place local and delicious, be sure to check out Bellytimber. :)

My next stop today is what made this the best day ever! This is artworks. Also known as the location to my brand new studio! My own private paradise where I can go and write in peace without the distraction of the tiny humans or just the general chaos of our lovely home. :)

It's totally plain Jane right now but I can paint and make changes and do whatever I want! Let the pinning commence! :)

I am beyond thrilled to have a space to go and write surrounded by all of this positive creative energy. So beyond thrilled. :)

That's all for today, folks. 

As always, leave me some comment love! :)

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