Five Truths About Creatives

by - 5:00 AM

I often find that those in the non-creative mindset feel frequently confused by us creatives. 

In light of that, I decided to point out what I believe are mostly universal truths about creative minded people. 

1. We need space to create.
Yes- people, places, and things inspire us, they can become our muses. We are not all creepy hermits who never want to be around people. However, when we go into "the zone", we need to be given space to create. What you think is just normal conversation with us is actually causing an internal battle waging in our heads where we don't always want to be the bad guy and say "Get the hell away from me" but really- get the hell away from me. We get into a certain mindset, the zone, and we just have to let our creative juices flow. Words, pictures, ideas, or whatever the "thing" may be, they are sometimes fleeting in our constantly moving minds and we need to be able to concentrate. 
So, we love you, but leave us alone.

2. We are always creating.
Those around us not of the creative persuasion often find our never ending pool of ideas and thoughts exhausting. We really can't help it. So all of those times when you are thinking "Good God get this bitch some Ritalin!" it's just because we are busy thinking and creating. 
Try to keep up. 

3. Don't look over our shoulder.
Unless asked, please don't overlook our shoulder to see what we're working on. A work in progress is never the best example of our work and it can completely interrupt those creative juices I spoke of. 
Just ask before you peak, you Nosey Nancy you.

4. We are frequently bored.
Normalcy can be toxic to the creative. We crave change and inspiration. We typically feel like we are slowly dying in repetitive jobs or even in school for many of us. Many of the world's brightest creators were drop outs. Cubicle jobs make us cringe. We typically have 100 projects going on at once because even with our own work we enjoy the change. 
In essence, keep things interesting for us.

5. We are passionate.
Not just about our work, but about life and love and everything. We have opinions and thoughts and love to share them with you. We often will get very excited to talk about a favorite subject with someone because when we like/love/hate, we do it with flair. ;) 
Embrace the passion, it's who we are. 

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